Acreditation Process

University College Bedër (UC Bedër) was opened at the request of the Muslim Community of Albania and with decision no. 286, dated 6.4.2011 of the Council of Ministers, which approved the granting of a license to operate as an institution of higher education. UC "Bedër" is an institution of higher education, which operates as a non-profit organization. UC "Bedër" constantly aims to increase the academic and institutional quality, which has defined the vision of functioning. The maximum medium-term student expected capacity for university college is 1000 -1300 students in all programs, for the study programs of the first cycle and the second cycle (bachelor, master). UC “Bedër” operates on a non-profit basis and supports successful students who want to continue their higher studies. During 10 years of activity, in the UC “Bedër” have studied and continue their studies 2380 students, most of whom have benefited from tuition fees. Since the beginning of the academic activity, UC “Bedër” has organized national and international conferences, open seminars, qualifying and promotional activities, giving its contribution to science and society.
To fulfill its mission, UC "Bedër" during 2019-2020 academic year, successfully completed the process of reorganization of the main units. 
UC “Bedër” offers study programs in full compliance with all components of the strategy for the development of the institution. The offered programs are as follows:
Two-year professional programs:
Multimedia and graphic design;
Web development.
Bachelor for:
Communication sciences;
Public relations and marketing communication;
Information technology and communication;
Computer sciences;
Islamic sciences;
English language and literature;
Preschool and primary education;
Counseling psychology and pedagogy.
Master of Science in:
Law. Profiles: Criminal law and international law;
Communication sciences. Profiles: Journalism and public relations;
Modern islamic sciences;
Basic islamic sciences;
Counseling psychology and pedagogy;
English language and literature.
Professional Master in:
English language teaching on secondary education;
Marketing communication.
Integrated Programs:
Integrated program of the second level Master of Science in Law.
Pursuant to Article 103 and Article 104 of Law no. 80/2015 "On higher education and scientific research in higher education institutions in the Republic of Albania", the statute of the UC “Bedër”, and the order of the Minister of Education and Science "On the approval of state quality standards for institutional evaluation and accreditation of higher education institutions", under the responsibility of the head of the institution, Rector Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Gjana, the Institutional Internal Evaluation Group (IEG) was set up. The selection of IEG members took into account the professional competencies, impartiality, opportunities for gathering information to carry out the evaluation and the necessary degree of knowledge of the group members.
The group was intentionally set up for the internal evaluation mission (ad-hoc group). The IEG represents the two main units of the college, including student representatives, and it is set up taking into account the distribution of duties of each member.
This external institutional reassessment process comes after the accreditation experiences in 2013 and 2017, which are successfully transcended by our institution, which means that the institution has always been committed to internal quality assurance in all its structures. What is more, University College “Bedër” has also set up since its inception the Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU), as a permanent unit to control and guarantee the fulfillment of standards in this regard.
Starting from 2012, each basic and main unit of the UC “Bedër” submits to the Rectorate every academic year end, the annual report, which is in itself a model of internal evaluation of units. The self-assessment report was discussed in each unit, from where opinions and suggestions emerged, which completed the drafting of the final report.



Dr. Arti Omeri 

Team Leader 


Dr. Irena Shehu

Team Member


Dr. Gentjan  Skara

Team Member


Dr. Genti Kruja

Team Member


Dr. Valmora Gogo

Team Member


Msc. Edlir Spaho

Team Member


Era Tafa

Student Team Member