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Head of Department
Dr. Genti Kruja
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About Department
The Islamic Sciences program is designed to provide students  a high standard education and to prepare them for  the public or private sector with an intellectual context for their careers through the conceptual variety and perspectives of Islamic theology.
The program’s purpose is to prepare individuals possessing the right qualities and skills for reading and understanding the basic resources of Islamic Sciences and to  follow closely current issues and developments in their field. 
The ideal graduate will be an active and interactive researcher, a good compromiser, a well-educated individual possessing ethical and aesthetic qualities, fully integrated into society, who has assimilated universal values and can master topics related to their profession.
The Department aims to help its students acquire the skills and competencies for reading the basic resources of Islamic studies and in applying them. It also offers appropriate teaching in social and religious sciences and their relevance to their field of study. Another aim is to enable students to communicate clearly in written and verbal form, to solve problems related to their field of study, and to communicate solutions to the community. Professional work experience is included to complete the student’s preparation.

Members of the Council of Islamic Sciences Department

No. Title Name Surname e-Mail
1 Dr. Genti Kruja
2 Prof.Asoc.Dr. Rahim Ombashi
3 Dr.  Skender  Bruçaj
4 Dr. Jamal Alsafarti
5 Msc. Elton Karaj
6 Msc. Hysni Skura
7 Msc.  Lorela Shehu
8 Msc. Xhorxhina Seferi