Department of Economics and Business

Head of Department
Dr. Elda Dollija
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Department of Economics and Business

The Department of Economics and Business is part of the Faculty of Technology and Business at University College Bedër.

The Department aims to increase the quality in management sciences, specifically in the profiles of Economic Informatics, as growing programs and professions and constantly developing, for better serving the domestic and foreign market, private and public organizational environments.

Also, with the Finance and Accounting program, it aims to be at the forefront of new technological changes in these fields and professions, being as close as possible to the adaptations of the labor market.

The paradigm of our department is to create a more complete education for students, well integrated between the three factors "theory-practice-technology", aiming to be contemporary with market performance and needs, both at home and abroad.

The academic staff of the Department of Economics and Business has the mission of continuous cooperation and communication with students to contribute to the development of their knowledge.

Our department aims to provide our students with a clear theoretical and practical vision, and also works to build a dynamic and vital education for students on professional career development.

Partnerships and internships are the strength and mission of our department. We aim for our students to be a strong competition in the domestic and foreign labor market.

Members of the Department Council:

Nr. Titulli / Grada Emër Mbiemër e-Mail
1 Dr. Elda Dollija
2 Prof. Asoc. Dr. Tidita Abdurrahmani
3 Dr. Ana Kekezi
4 MSc. Çeljeta Sherifi
6 MSc. Eduina Maksuti
8 MSc. Gesjana Kaba
5 MSc. Kriselda Gura
7 MSc. Malvina Sukaj
9 BSc. Adelajd Samurri