About Office

Human Resources Office at Bedër University College, has as its basic function the personnel selection, employment and integration of new employees at the university. Other key functions of the Human Resources Office are:

  1. Collaborates with other departments in a consulting role, assisting heads of units in understanding and implementing policies and procedures.
  2. Promotes equality and diversity as part of the culture of the institution.
  3. Develops and implements policies on such issues as working conditions, performance management, equal opportunities, disciplinary procedures and management of absences.
  4. Interprets and gives advice about employment legislation.
  5. Examines complaints and implementation of disciplinary procedures issues.
  6. Develops human resource planning strategies together with the heads of units, which take into account the immediate and long-term staff requirements in terms of numbers and skill levels.
  7. Plans and follows the trainings for the new staff in colaboration with the deparments and officies
  8. Compiles the contracts of part-time and full time academic and administrative staff.
  9. Provides advice about the legal space of private high education.
  10. In collaboration with faculties, departments and administrative units prepare and submit different materials to the MES (Ministry of Education and Science) according to the requirements, etc.

The number and quality of required candidates should derive mainly from the staff planning process, in accordance with the characteristics of the required positions.



Esmeralda Dema

Head of Human Resources Office

e-Mail : hr@beder.edu.al