Students Affairs Office

The Students Affairs Office is an integral part of the education process at Bedër University Collage. Its mission is to provide various services to all enrolled students, as well as to those who have completed their studies or/and have graduated. This office is responsible for managing the student registration process and it also deals with the regulation, monitoring and processing of all registration, information, documentation or transcript related to students. It provides the inputting of forms and documents in information management system and updates these as necessary. In collaboration with other units, it contributes to the management of relationships with students through this automated system.

Below you can find the forms used by the Registrar’s Office to help students:

Head of Office

Norga Sulo

e-Mail: [email protected]



Hane Spaho

e-Mail: [email protected]



Bismiljana Demaj

e-Mail: [email protected]




Cel: +355 67 49 34 134

e-Mail: regis[email protected]